Nola Minolfi (1988) was born in Buenos Aires but raised in Milan. She currently lives and works in Europe, between The Netherlands and Italy. She recently graduated from the Master course Photography and Society at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag, Netherlands.

As a visual artist, Nola Minolfi makes use of her camera to explore and become familiar with themes related to intimate and social boundaries, distant family relationships, international and intercultural borders, memory and identity.

Her artistic practice is mostly centered on the process of making, more than on the final aesthetic result, as she often also uses to combine her photographs with archival material, drawings and collage interventions. Her work aims to reflect on social issues and to connect people and stories by exploring the folds of space and time in between.



2018 - 2020   Master of Art in Fine Art and Design, Royal Academy of Art, Den Haag, Netherlands    
2008 - 2009  BA Photography, Institute Riccardo Bauer, Milan, Italy 
2002 - 2007   Diploma of Visual Graphic Arts and Cinematography, Institute Albe Steiner, Milan, Italy

Selected Exhibitions
2021   Dortumund, Germany                                       
2021   Rotterdam, Netherlands
2020  Gallery Haagse Kunstkring, Den Haag, Netherlands 
2020  Graduation Show, KABK, Den Haag, Netherlands  
2018   Solo Exhibition, Chamois, Italy
2018  Jaipur Photo Festival, Jaipur, India                                                                       ︎  Installation views

2018  Vogue Italia  The man who never saw the sea
2017  British Journal of Photography  The man who never saw the sea
2017  Narratively  Where the world ends
2017  Il Reportage  Where the world ends 
2016  The Outline  Where the world ends
2016  Internazionale  The man who never saw the sea
2016  La Repubblica   Goat fights

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